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Who we are

Create is a dedicated team of property professionals with specialist skills and a proven track record in transacting properties located in and around NSW growth areas.

Our Story

We believe that when it comes to the sale of your property, every owner should have the opportunity to maximise the potential of their asset with minimal stress and concern.

The story of Create emerged from a deeply personal journey with the part sale of our own family acreage property within the Southwest Growth Area. Our family had lived in the suburb of Edmondson Park for many years and we owned acreage property that had been rezoned to low density residential (R2) and medium density residential (R3). The sale process was stressful for our family and during this period we realised that the complexity of the sale required the knowledge and skills of property experts who understood the property landscape within a Growth Area and who could successfully navigate the transaction journey.

We also realised that there was a gap in the market for Real Estate Agents who have the expertise to develop strategy for Growth Area transactions from a research led approach.

Create's specialist skills and unique approach to growth corridor property combined with shared values of care, compassion, honesty and transparency create client focussed results that exceed expectations and provide peace of mind.

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The diverse skills and experience that our team members bring with them from other industries, complement and enrich our approach.

Meet our Team

Our Services

Create provides specialist property services to both property owners and buyers. These services include vendor agency, property acquisition, property advisory and research and property management. The processes, strategy and advice within the services we deliver are tailored to each clients particular needs and outcomes they seek to achieve.

Vendor's Agent

As a vendor's agent Create represents the interests of owners within a transaction by engaging and negotiating with buyers to maximise results.

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Property Acquisition

When dealing with buyers, we assist them to acquire land that aligns with their development and investment requirements.

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Property Research & Advisory

Clients come to us requesting advice and on buying property for investment purposes or lifestyle requirements. We offer a targeted property research service which helps to inform our clients choices and decisions.

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Property Management

Our attention to detail within our Property Management services maximises and protects your property asset.

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NSW Growth Areas Specialisation & Expertise

Create has a passion for researching, analysing, understanding and transacting property that is located within Growth Areas.

Our team is highly experienced in navigating transactions for properties located in Growth areas. With family property currently located within the Southwest Growth Area, our in depth knowledge and understanding of the delivery and timing for development of property from a planning perspective allows us to provide expert advice for owners with property holdings within these precincts.

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By providing clear and digestible information our clients are empowered to understand their options and make informed decisions.

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Our knowledge, experience and up to the minute information allows us to manage risk and complexity to maximise price.

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We understand the human side of property and use our emotional intelligence to manage nuanced relationships and negotiations.

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Good relationships are founded on honesty and mutual respect. Our integrity is the cornerstone of our reputation.

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Property Analysis & Appraisal

Identifying and understanding the key details of your property is the first step in realising the true potential of your asset.

Ensuring that our potential clients have a thorough understanding of their property and the current market is more important to us than wether they actually choose to sell or decide to hold. Create undertakes a rigorous research process on behalf of our clients to ensure that whatever choice they make, their choice is well informed.

We offer more than just a typical property appraisal. We understand that every property is different and our our research is tailored to the unique features of the property, the planning policies and controls that affect the site, the wider context of the property's location and features and the differing market conditions that may impact a sale.

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Create Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't seen a lot of Create advertsing signage in the area or advertising in my letterbox? Are you very active in the Southwest Growth Area?

We are asked this question frequently. Create has been actively selling properties within the South West growth area since 2012, however there are a few reasons why you may not have seen a lot of advertising from us. A reasonable proportion of owners that we have assisted in the area have asked for what is known as an off-market selling process. Sometimes an owner will do this because they would prefer that the details of their sale remain confidential. We understand and respect this choice and we put our owners interests ahead of our own self-promotion.

In addition, we do not believe in stuffing your letterbox full of advertising. We carefully curate and target our marketing so that it is of most value to you.

I have interviewed several agencies to assist me? The estimated selling price that I have been quoted by other Agents is higher than what Create has quoted me. What is the reason for this?

Everyone owner wants and deserves the best price for their property. Some Agents will take advantage of this fact and will quote a high market value for your property. Understandably, if you've interviewed few agents and their estimates are different, you'd probably want to choose the Agent that has quoted you the highest price.

But what happens next is that as the selling campaign for your property continues, this same Agent begins to talk about the lack of interest in your property, why your property is not as good as other competing properties, how there has been a downturn in the market and any other number of reasons as to why you should reduce your selling expectations.

We don't operate this way and would rather lose your listing than provide you with an inflated estimate that isn't realistic. We tell owners the truth. The estimates and information may not be what you want to hear but it's what you need to hear in order to make an informed choice about selling and maximising your result.

Other Agents seem to charge lower fees than Create. Why is the Create commission fee higher than other Agencies?

Potential clients sometimes ask us why our 2% fee (GST Inclusive) is higher than what other Agents charge. Create's comprehensive approach to transacting properties is very different to other agencies. The skill level of our team surpasses our competitors and this is evidenced not only in the selling prices that we are able to achieve but in the overall outcomes that we achieve for our clients.

Why should I choose Create to assist me over another Agency.

There are a number of reasons why you would choose us over another Agency.

Research & Knowledge: Create is dedicated to continuing research and the building of our knowledge base. Our knowledge is used to empower our clients to make informed choices as well as devising selling strategies that maximise results.

Values & Approach: Our approach to assisting you stems from our mission and values. We believe that owners should have accurate data from which to build their knowledge and understanding of their property prior to making the choice to sell. There is never any pressure from us or techniques used to make owners feel as though the need to sell. The relationships we build with our clients are based on genuine care, truth and respect and this is considered above any desire to simply list the property, get a quick result and get the deal done.

Comprehensive Service: Our previous clients consistently provide feedback to us in relation to the all encompassing nature of the service that we provide. We understand that there may be a multitude of factors that could impact the final result and outcomes that our clients achieve e.g. tax implications, probate resolution, GST issues. Our knowledge and understanding of these issues allows us to develop strategy that accounts for these additional factors to minimise their potential impact on your property sale.

Proven Track Record: The feedback from our previous clients speak to our track record of maximised results and outcomes for our clients.

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