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Englobo Acreage Explained

Englobo land refers to parcels of land, usually zoned for future urban purposes. The value of this land is determined by its development potential.

Key Englobo Property Facts

As a result of the rezoning process, the land use of the property changes which allows the property to be developed into subdivided lots.

For many owners, the rezoning process changes the permitted uses of their property from rural uses such as agriculture to residential uses. This change allows the property to be subdivided and it is this subdivision potential that attracts the attention of developers and investors. It is important for property owners to understand their new zoning and the potential of their property so that they avoid underselling.

Understanding the development timing for an englobo property is also critical. Owners who have understood and taken into account the delivery times for key infrastructure such as Sydney Water provision of wastewater facilities, have maximised their price and terms at the time of sale.

Owners also need to consider the delayed settlement timeframe for an englobo transaction. The extended settlement period allows a developer to lodge a Development Application on the property and obtain Development Consent prior to settlement. It is important for owners to understand this requirement within the context of infrastructure provision to ensure that the developer's requested settlement timeframe is reasonable.

Selling an Englobo Property

The selling process for englobo properties is complex. As a property owner you can either deal directly with a developer or their representative or defer to a specialist like Create. The process that we follow includes in-depth research, vendor education, strategy development, and meticulous execution. Strategically, it is important to create a competitive environment for the property as this competition delivers a maximised result.

Our experienced team manages the entire selling process for our clients and ensures that our clients goals and concerns at the forefront of our strategy. Our objective is to achieve a sale price reflective of the highest possible market rate, fair terms that meet our clients objectives, risk mitigation, and above all, client satisfaction.

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Englobo Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out more about my zoning?

Zoning information is available on the Planning Portal - NSW Government. Depending on your local council area, zoning information may also be provided through the Local Council's website. Liverpool City Council has an excellent eplanning portal which contains detailed information about properties within each area.

I am already rezoned. Can development start straight away?

The timing of development for a property is related to whether a property can connect to the wastewater services that are being provided to the area. For large precincts, wastewater infrastructure may be provided in stages. Development can only start, once a property has been serviced with this infrastructure.

I have been told that the developer who is interested in my property needs a delayed settlement. What is a reasonable settlement time?

If a property is serviced, then a reasonable delayed settlement period for a property is most often related to the length of time that a developer needs to lodge a development application. Development cannot proceed until the applicant receives development consent from the local council. If a property does not have access to wastewater infrastructure, then the settlement timeframe is often a function of the wastewater service delivery timeframe.

I have heard the term development yield. What does this mean?

Development yield refers to how many lots or blocks that a property may be subdivided into. There are planning controls and policies which determine how subdivision of the property may be carried out. The other factor that affects yield is the proposed road layout on a property. Following the rezoning process, some properties will end up with a greater amount of indicative roads. An increased amount of roads that need to be built on a property may reduce it's development yield.

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