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Growth Area Residential Resales

Growth Area Residential Resales are a unique subset of Residential Properties that are located in newly developed growth areas.

Growth Area Residential Resale Property Facts

As an owner who has either purchased an original land block and built a home or purchased an original home and land package within a Growth Area, you may decide that you wish to sell your holding only a few years after you have purchased it.

The same is true for investors who have decided to sell their original holding.

Some owners purchase property within a Growth Area early and are very much considered pioneers of these newly subdivided areas. In some cases, these new areas experience a good amount of growth in property value and some owners may decide to capitalise on the growth they have experienced and consider selling their home.

Similarly, early investment into an area may also result in an investor deciding to sell while the rest of the area is still undergoing development.

Sometimes a more elderly owner who has bought a new house and land package with the view to downsize from their acreage property finds that the suburb has become too busy. Even though they would like to stay in the area, they decide to resell their new downsized home as the suburb does not meet their needs.

Selling a Growth Area Residential Property

Selling a residential property within a growth area is similar to the sale of other residential property however the selling strategy is very much linked to the potential of the area. Create has an in depth understanding of and stays up to date with how development and infrastructure is being delivered to the area. Armed with this knowledge, we create a selling strategy that attracts potential buyers and maximises your price and terms.

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